Rest Peacefully Stan Lee - My Top Five Favorite Stan Lee Cameos

One year ago today, comic book fans mourned a pretty major loss when Stan Lee passed away. For many of us who are fans of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee means something significant. He created some of the most beloved characters in Marvel, such as the X-Men and Spider-Man, as well as the Fantastic Four.

To this day, fans still haven't forgotten him, or his legacy that he left behind. But most of all, one thing I will continue to miss is his cameos that he had. So today, I present to you my list of my top 5 favorite Stan Lee cameos.

1. "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

"Neither was Omaha Beach, blondie . . ."
The sight of him alone getting drunk off Asgardian liquor will forever be one of my favorite moments. What makes it even better is him being carried away by army vets, slurring out "Excelsior".

2. "X-Men Apocalypse"
I can admit that I thoroughly love "X-Men Apocalypse" for many reasons, but my personal favorite moment - aside from Jean Grey u…

Brittany S. Pierce Syndrome - The Face of Preserved Innocence

In a world where we are increasingly facing what seems to be more negativity, it's a given that we all react differently towards it. When mass shootings occur, everyone feels something differently towards the situation and has their own offerings of solutions. Oftentimes, these solutions of "thoughts and prayers" or "gun control" may sound great on paper, but are they truly effective?

It's not a lie that there are people out there who feel that there needs to be more kindness in the world. Watch any video by "Duck Dynasty" daughter Sadie Robertson, and you will see an underlying pattern in her inspirational videos aside from spreading Jesus' love.
While I can agree that Miss Robertson makes an excellent point - I do consider myself a fan of hers, and I am not even deeply religious - little do we realize that there are also plenty of fictional characters that spread an aura of kindness and unconditional love. It is an innocence that cannot be t…

How to Avoid the Wolverine-Cyclops-Jean Grey Love Triangle in the MCU

It is granted that in the world of fiction, love triangles are pure cancer. We've witnessed it with various television shows such as "Glee", which led to a translation of immaturity among teenage and adult characters on that show alike.

However, X-Men comics are proven to have some of the worst. Worst of all, you can thank Chris Claremont for giving us one that wasn't needed at all. It is the love triangle between Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Wolverine. I would think that this love triangle was the foundation for that of Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost, which was brought in during a rather controversial era for X-Men comics as their sales began dropping like flies. Thank you, Grant Morrison. Thank you.

Nonetheless, this love triangle carried out to the FOX X-Men movie universe, where the treatment of it was no better than how the comics handled it. In fact, the FOX X-Men movies solidify why Wolverine and Jean Grey should not be together at all. As you can imagine, I w…

An Amazing New Beginning For Mary-Jane Watson With "The Amazing Mary-Jane"

When it comes to new comic books, I'd like to think that I jump on the bandwagon now, and I go all the way in. Let's be honest. If you are like me, and you don't have an app like Comixology, and you need to rely on your parents to take you to the comic shop in your area to get your fix of comics, it's bad for you. Because when a story that you find compelling and interesting comes out in the open, like with Johnathan Hickman's "House of X", when you go in, you're going all in. Luckily, today, I'd just spent some birthday money I'd received from my grandma, and I got a fresh batch of comics including a couple of reprints as well as some newer stuff. This includes last week's "X-Men", and this week's newest story that has to do with the Spider-Man character.

Yes, Tiger, I, DC-MarvelGirl 1997, hit the jackpot!

I finally got my hands on "The Amazing Mary-Jane Watson" after having waited weeks for it. When I heard Mary-…

Jeremy Renner - What Is The Future Of Hawkeye In The MCU?

Granted, not all celebrities are perfect. Some of them find that they fall from grace on more than one occasion. Just simply look at former "Glee" star Naya Rivera as the prime example of this. Not only did she have a reputation of not getting along with her co-stars on the show; she also was arrested for brutalizing her ex-husband in front of their son. Add to that, she opened up about keying now-deceased ex-boyfriend Mark Salling's car while they were on "Glee" together. She also claims to have known he kept child porn on his computer the entire time, and that it "didn't surprise her". She brought it up in a book, for God's sake!
Unfortunately, Ms. Rivera is far to be the only case of allegations of domestic battery put against her. I can think of many celebrities who had fallen from grace due to criminal activity. Just look at what happened to Mel Gibson. You could also see Robert Downey Jr. as an example. However, in Downey Jr. and Gibson…

Reflecting Upon Turning 22

Birthdays are granted to be days of celebration. It's a celebration of turning older by a year. A year passes, and suddenly, you mature and grow wiser with time and patience. Yesterday, I celebrated my 22nd birthday, which is today. Given that I share my birthday with Nakia Burrise, the third yellow Power Ranger, I feel glad knowing someone I look up to was born the same day as I.

Nonetheless, for me, birthdays mean something significant. Every year, celebrations grow to be less elaborate. I do not have crazy demands for my parents to throw me a huge party at a rental hall. Over the years, I've grown to appreciate simplicity. I've grown to appreciate the simplicity of just having family there to help make that day about me. My age has changed in number by one digit. And I'd like to think over these past few months, I've matured more than I have at age 21. Last year at 21, I cried tears of disappointment over one of my best friends not being able to make it to my bi…

5 Superhero Couples I Would Pair Together (If I Could)

It's a given that I am a lover of romance. Give me romance in a comic book, or anything superhero related, then I am all the way in for it. While I am a traditionalist when it comes to romantic pairings, it does not mean I do not have my own thoughts of superhero couples that I believe could be surprising in a pleasant way. In a world where we have fanfiction available to unleash our imaginations upon, I say that in fanfiction, anything goes. And yes, that applies to fictional couples, as well.

So, here is my list of 5 Superhero Couples I would pear up, if I had the freedom to:

1. Billy Cranston and Kitty Pryde
You're probably wondering why I would even think to create a pairing like this. Billy Cranston being from a polar opposite universe from that of Shadowcat, this seems nearly impossible to achieve. But tell that to those who at one point wrote the DC-Marvel Comics crossovers. That crossover gave us the pairing of Jubilee and Damien Wayne, for Christ sake! However, with B…